Innovation in Education Fair – Srijanalaya
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    Innovation in Education Fair

    Date: 05th August 2016

    Time: 12:00 AM

    Location: Tangalwood, Gahana Pokhari Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal

    Age Group: 10-35

    Participants: 1000

    Project Details

      The Innovation in Education Fair was a 3 day event held from August 5 to 7. It featured organizations working on innovative, creative, humanist and STEAM based education to build creative learning techniques and integrated curriculums that are geared towards making education a fun, meaningful, and hands on experience.

      The Fair was geared to create a platform for conversations between educational institutions and Nepali organizations working on creative and integrated curricula, experiential education, and STEAM based education. It was designed to create a space for educational institutes to explore the variety of different ways that they could innovate within their existing educational setup. The Fair aimed to establish the foundations for building a community around organizations and educators who have been working toward introducing a variety of different innovative educational techniques within Nepal’s educational system.

      It featured various exhibitions, workshops, performances, screenings and presentations to highlight the means and mechanism as well as the impact of an integrated and creative educational approach. A huge number of students, schools/institutions, teachers, organizations were involved benefitted from the fair.

      The fair was a collaborative effort of Srijanalaya, Quixote's Cove and Karkhana. It was sponsored by the US Embassy and CKU. This video provides a quick glimpse of the fair.