Artist Residency: Upcycling – Srijanalaya
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    Artist Residency: Upcycling

    Date: 27th September 2014

    Time: 10:00 AM

    Location: International Mountain Museum, Pardi Bazaar, Pokhara, Nepal

    Age Group: 10-18

    Participants: 1000

    Project Details

      Two artists,  Mim Bahadur Rana Magar, from Pokhara and Mekh Limbu, an artist from Dhankuta,  worked together to create a monumental artwork in the outdoor space of the International Mountaineering Museum in Pokhara during the Climate+ Change exhibition that Srijanalya facilitated the arts and education program for.

      The artwork became a kinetic installation that was displayed in the museum for a year and incorporated into the educational tours.

      The mission of the Arts and Education Program for the exhibition on Climate+Change was to inspire teachers, administrators, students, museum educators, and arts educators to engage in project-based learning around Climate Change.

      This video captures some moments of the process.