About Us – Srijanalaya

About Us

Srijanalaya is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization established to create safe spaces of learning through the arts. We imagine a Nepal where every child has the tools necessary and the support to express and be heard.

We are a growing community of artists and educators in Nepal who offer creative mediums as an alternative approach to rote-learning and static textbooks.

We engage children and their communities in visual, performing, and language arts workshops, exhibitions, and performances during which we consciously incorporate diverse indigenous and local art forms and materials as much as possible.  We look to create spaces both in and out of schools where we encourage imagination and expression of oneself amidst infinite possibilities.  Our work is a response to the dearth of creative spaces and a history of silencing in Nepal’s education system and society.  Thoughtful planning, interdisciplinary collaborations, and assessing the relevance of each project are essential components of our work.

Srijanalaya comes from the words srijana [v] to create/imagine and alaya [n] a home or space.