Our Team – Srijanalaya

Our Team

We have a dedicated and grounded staff:

Sushma Maharjan, Coordinator/Administrative Officer| Angita Shrestha, Accountant, Financial Advisor

The Founding Members are a combination of art educators, visual artists, performing artists, development professionals, and Microcredit/Finance Professionals:

Sharareh Bajracharya Art Educator (Chairperson) | Sanjeev Maharjan, Co-founder of Drawing Room KTM and Visual Artist (Vice Chairperson) | Yagya Ghale, CEO of Nari Shakti Savings & Credit Coop, Talsikhel (Secretary) | Deepak Bajracharya, Retired UNICEF Official (Treasurer) | Subima Shrestha, Founder of Nritya Aagan and Kathak Artist| Sunita Maharjan, Co-founder of Drawing Room KTM, Art Educator and Visual Artist | Amanda Manandhar Gurung, Executive Director of Chandra Gurung Conservation Foundation