Mission – Srijanalaya


Our vision is for every child in Nepal to have access to a safe space to express themselves and be heard.

Our mission is to create safe spaces of learning through the arts.

What does it mean to create a ‘safe space’?

  • Support children’s emotional, cognitive, physical, social, and cultural development.
  • Give special attention to the most vulnerable and marginalized children.
  • Provide children with the time, materials, space, and guidance to make connections and foster learning.
  • Emphasize the relevance of learning materials, language, and context for children.
  • Strengthen and respect diversity, individuality, and collectivity.
  • Build a support network of children, parents, educators, artists, development practitioners, and policy makers who understand the need for creative spaces.

What do we mean by ‘learning through the arts’?

  • to communicate and express oneself through any medium.
  • to have access to the visual, performing, and language arts.
  • to ask questions, look for answers, and take a stand.
  • to make sense of one’s world.