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Our Programs

ArtWorks! Sangai Khelaun (‘Let’s Play Together’) | Outside the Kathmandu Valley

For 3 to 5 days, a group of up to 15 artists and educators travel to a government school in a marginalised community outside the Kathmandu Valley and engage with the students, teachers, and communities in visual, performing, and language arts workshops. The workshops work towards a collaborative performance and exhibition. We go to 3 locations per year, and select one school where we can carry out repeated visits.

An essential component of the program is to ensure that the content, expressive mediums, and language reflect the students’ lived realities.  We encourage schools to build their own local curriculum and incorporate creative and storytelling mediums from the community, such as indigenous dance and music. We believe the use of these mediums in school helps bridge the void between children’s homes and school.

This program began in the aftermath of the April 2015 earthquake and is supported by Shikshya Foundation Nepal.

Art-in-School | In the Kathmandu Valley

Art-in-School is a program that focuses on how to bring the creative arts into the formal education system in Nepal. We have designed a month-long practical training package where we integrate the arts as a medium of instruction into a subject area such as math, science, social studies, or language arts (Nepali, English, Newari). An experienced team of art educators work closely with the administration and teachers to plan and put the lessons into action. We also follow up thrice after the program.

Watch this video for a glimpse into our Art-In-School programs.

Art Anywhere!

Srijanalaya looks for learning and creative spaces anywhere for people of all ages. Under this program, we design and carry out museum education programs and art workshops in community spaces in partnership with different institutions.

Watch this video for a glimpse into our Art Anywhere! programs.


Srijanalaya strongly believes in the creative process of artists.  As we travel to different places, we deepen our relationship with the communities by organizing Artists-in-Residence programs. Artists explore indigenous knowledge and skills and local materials, and in exchange they share their creative process and art with the communities.