ART-IN-SCHOOL, Panga 2018 – Srijanalaya

ART-IN-SCHOOL, Panga 2018

Date: 13rd February 2018

Time: 12:00 AM

Location: Panga, Kirtipur, Central Development Region, Nepal

Participants: 32

Project Details


    Srijanalaya carried out its 3rd art-in-school program at Panga Secondary School. This time, instead of choosing a particular chapter, we made a review science lesson for the students. The lesson, entitled “Little Scientists” was divided into four classes. Students learned to think of questions, make hypothesis, test their hypothesis, think of experiments and make predictions about the results of the experiment. The students worked in groups and came up with fun and interesting experiments. They were assisted by a “My Science Journal”, a compilation of worksheets made by Srijanalaya. The classes were culminated by an exhibition made for teachers, parents and other students.

    This edition of Art-in-School was funded by Freundeskreis Tara for Children Germany.