ART-IN-SCHOOL, Panga 2017 – Srijanalaya

ART-IN-SCHOOL, Panga 2017

Date: 30th November 2017

Time: 12:00 AM

Location: Panga, Kirtipur, Central Development Region, Nepal

Participants: 28

Project Details

    Srijanalaya carried out an art-in-school program in Panga Secondary School for the second time. The lessons, aimed at grade 4 students, was based on their social studies curriculum.

    We worked with the social studies teacher, Mijala Dangol, and twenty seven Class 5 students on “Symbols Used on a Map” and “Economic Activities: Domestic Products”.  We integrated the creative arts lessons from the textbook by using spray painting, drawing, and weaving to create two sets of projects.   In the current system, the social studies textbook also has the creative arts lessons, which means that the social studies teacher is usually the creative arts teacher.  Each of the lessons we designed encouraged the children to explore their surroundings in addition to referring to the textbook. 

    The art-in-school program was greeted by a very positive response from both the students and the teachers and there are plans underway to carry out more art-in-school programs for different classes and subjects.

    This edition of Art-in-School was supported by Freundeskreis Tara for Children Germany.