Art Works! Sangai Khelaun Sindhupalchowk – Srijanalaya

Art Works! Sangai Khelaun Sindhupalchowk

Date: 19th January 2018

Time: 12:00 AM

Location: Thangpalkot, Nepal

Participants: 300

Project Details

    Art Works! Sangai Khelaun is a program designed to bring art education to marginalised communities. It is especially aimed at communities whose language and cultural heritage are very different from the mainstream cultures reinforced in schools. Srijanalaya and Shiksya Foundation Nepal believe that there is a need to create a system of learning that places the children’s culture and personal interests at the center of the learning process. This is the foundation of ArtWorks! Sangai Khelaun. The program has travelled to Ghyachchok, Gatlang, Gamgadi, Pithauli, and Bitijor since the program’s establishment in 2015.


    In our most recent Art Works! Sangai Khelaun trip, the Srijanalaya team travelled to Thangpalkot, Sindhupalchok to work with children from grades 5-9 for art workshops. The program took place in Shree Raithane Secondary School and Shree Chilaune Secondary School with a total of 400 participating students and 30 teachers. The art workshops were specially designed by guest artists and art educators, allowing children to explore various art mediums - visual, performing, and language arts.  The students were made into different groups for creative movement, kathak dance, b-boying, collage and drawing, mural painting, vocals, percussion, tungna, and spoken word poetry. The facilitators emphasized identifying local resources and knowledge. Wherever possible, we also identify local art forms. A group of students researched and learned to play a song on the “tungna”, a plucked string instrument that is linked to the local Hyolmo and Tamang culture.  The workshops were divided over 5 days, with 3 days for grades 7-9 and 2 days for grades 5-6 culminated. The workshops culminated with a performance by the students that showcased all that they had learned from their workshops.  This trip will now be followed with practical training work with the teachers to support their teaching and learning processes in the classroom.

    Further details

    School: Shree Chilaune S.S and Shree Raithane S.S

    Location: Thangpalkot, Sindhupalchok

    Total no. of Students: 400 approximately

    Total no. of Teachers : 30

    Date: 19th January - 28th January 2018



    • Visual Arts

    Facilitators: Sunita Maharjan, Sharareh Bajracharya


    • Mural

    Facilitators: Sanjeev Maharjan, Sanjeep Maharjan, Manantuna Jyapoo


    • Creative Movement/Dance

      • Kathak

    Facilitator: Subima Shrestha


      • B-boying

    Facilitator: Nabeen Tamang


    • Spoken Word Poetry

    Facilitators: Nasala Chitrakar, Nirajan Tripathi


    • Music

      • Vocals

    Facilitator: Kishan Shrestha


      • Tungna

    Facilitator: Agrim Lama


      • Percussion

    Facilitator: Sarin Bajracharya, Sugam Deshar