Child Rights Book Creation – Srijanalaya
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Child Rights Book Creation

Date: 29th September 2020

Time: 12:00 AM

Participants: 20

Project Details

    Six picture books were created in association with the Asia Foundation targeting the rights of children in Nepal.
    Srijanalaya began the project on September 29, 2020 aimed to design educational material that address children’s rights according to the National Human Rights Commission’s objectives, in the form of an illustrated book that can be used with children and adults. We worked with six writers and six illustrators. The books were written in two languages – English and Nepali.

    We created Gayal Keto / The Absent Boy by Bina Theeng Tamang with Illustrators DidiBahini, Amber Ko Dhun / Amber’s Tune by Pranika Koyu with illustrators Payal & Sapana Paints, Utsukta by Sarita Pariyar with illustrator Rupak Raj Sunuwar, Sunaulo Sungur/ The Golden Pig by Swapnil Smriti with illustrator Swornim Shakya, Chhyanbale by Tirtha Gurung with Illustrator Roseena Sakya And Juvie by Ujjwala Maharjan with Illustrator Alina Chhantel.

    Mohna Ansari, Bandana Tulachan, Ubahang Nembhang and Suman Maharjan made their presence felt with active participation. Muna Gurung and Sushma Maharjan assembled everyone around this and Ritica & shameera constantly supported the project.