Climate+Change Arts Education Program – Srijanalaya

Climate+Change Arts Education Program

Date: 01st January 2014

Time: 11:00 AM

Location: Nepal Art Council, Thapathali, Central Development Region, Nepal

Age Group: 10-30

Participants: 6000

Project Details

    The Climate + Change exhibition held at the Nepal Art Council, Babar Mahal in Kathmandu from 11 December to 13 April, 2014 was a unique opportunity to bring an array of current climate change research and documentation of the Hindu Kush Himalayan Region by ICIMOD and Glacierworks, focused on Nepal, to a wide audience.  Srijanalaya's  Climate + Change Arts and Education Program (CCAEP) was involved in sharing the content and questions which arose from the exhibition with students from primary school to the bachelor’s level, with public and private schools, and during its travels to Dhanusa, Parsa, and Kaski.

    The program  reached out to over 6000 students from 80 schools/institutions and over 200 teachers from government and private schools.  The programs were based on sharing the arts as an important pedagogy tool for learning and focusing on inquiry based learning techniques.  The learning through this program produced a publication with possibilities of approaching climate change issues through the arts and inquiry based learning.  The publication was later  shared with the Curriculum Development Centre, UNICEF, participating teachers and schools, and distributed more widely as a reference.

    The Climate + Change Arts and Education Program (CCAEP)  partnered with the Climate + Change exhibition to

    1) engage children, youth, and adults to delve deeper into climate change issues

    2) engage in the arts as an important pedagogy for learning, and3) involve teachers, administrators, and policymakers to explore climate change curricula in schools.

    Climate + Change was a multidisciplinary exhibition on the changes taking place in the Hindu Kush Himalayan Region from 11 December, 2013 to 13 April, 2014.  It was organized for 18 weeks at the Nepal Art Council in Babar Mahal by ICIMOD and GlacierWorks and was supported by the US Embassy, Thinc Design,, Nepal Art Council, the Nepal Tourism Board, and UNICEF.  The main goal of the exhibition was to become a platform for a regional dialogue on transboundary issues related to climate change.

    This video will provide you with a glimpse of our work.