Arts Education Program at PhotoKtm 2016 – Srijanalaya

Arts Education Program at PhotoKtm 2016

Date: 21st October 2016

Time: 12:00 AM

Participants: 500

Project Details

Project Description

Srijanalaya was an integral part of Photo Kathmandu 2016, where it  created and curated the Arts Education Program 2016. Throughout the event, Srijanalaya attempted to better orient teachers and students about the festival and its objectives in order to create a better focused and meaningful experience for them as they observed some of the world’s leading photographers express themselves about the most compelling contemporary issues through the visual medium.

Through its teacher’s seminars, guided tours and art workshops, Srijanalaya was able to reach out to more than over 500 students and 50 teachers from 15 schools. 38 young artists participated in its art workshops. Participants were students of the fine arts universities -- Lalit Kala Campus, TU Central Department of Fine Arts, Sirjana College of Fine Arts, and KU Centre for Art & Design-- theatre, literature, and the social sciences from both bachelor’s and master’s levels as well as professionals from Madalenas Nepal, Mandala Theatre, and Actor’s Studio participated in the workshops.

18 young visual artists produced personally meaningful work inspired by Hak’s exhibition which was exhibited for the duration of the festival, next to Hak’s exhibition. The Jagaran Media Centre, who was also involved in supporting the research for ‘Dalit: A Quest for Dignity’, played an important role in providing information on the killing of Sete Damain which was enacted during the workshop with Azadeh. They were fully engaged in the process.

Students and teachers were highly engaged during the various components of the arts and education program. They grappled with new ideas and participated actively during discussions. As educators, we strongly believe that learning settings that are outside classrooms highly support and complement school curricula.