ArtWorks! Sangai Khelaun, Gamgadi – Srijanalaya

ArtWorks! Sangai Khelaun, Gamgadi

Date: 01st February 2016

Time: 01:07 PM

Location: Gamgadi Sadak, Shreenagar 21100, Nepal

Age Group: 7-18

Participants: 30

Project Details

Srijanalaya collaborated with the Karnali Arts Centre in Gamgadi, Mugu, for the fourth ArtWorks! Sangai Khelaun.  A team of 15 theatre artists, musicians, dancers, writers, storytellers, photographers, and educators prepared a troupe of 14 young people between the age of 15 to 25 years old to create a theatre production based on a story called Pampha Phool or “The Flower, Pampha”.
photo by narayan prasad bohajuThrough this production we inspired young people to inquire, reflect on, and appreciate the existing cultural resources around them.  The theatre production of Pampa Phoolwas a way to bring age old traditions into the present realities of young people and show how the arts have always been a strong way to create a nurturing learning environment.

The story, dialogue, music, and dance were adapted from the traditional folk and classical forms among the Khas in Mugu.  Hira Bijuli wrote the script and directed the play.  Thirty students engaged in workshops around the story Pampha Phool and basic improvisation exercises.  The young people did research on variations on the folk story.  From this pool, fourteen young people were cast in the play based on their fit with the characters as well as their stamina and dedication.

This group prepared to perform, sing, dance, play instruments, and research on the costumes, props, and set design.  They were guided to research and practice the existing Khas art forms around them.  The production was performed by young students in front of an audience of 200+ people, a mix of their peers from different schools in the area, teachers, guardians, and community members.


Sharareh Bajracharya

Subima Shrestha

Hira Bijuli

Rumi Maharjan

Sushma Maharjan

Sanjeev Maharjan

Sunita Maharjan

Narayan Bohaju

Sanjeep Maharjan

Niraj Shakya

Niranjan Kunwar