Art in School, Panga 2016 – Srijanalaya

Art in School, Panga 2016

Date: 27th July 2016

Time: 11:00 AM

Location: Panga, Kirtipur, Central Development Region, Nepal

Age Group: 5-12

Participants: 100

Project Details

Project Description

In a bid to advocate for the integration of the arts into instruction in classrooms, Srijanlaya worked with Panga Secondary School in between July-27 2016 to July 2017. During our visits, we worked closely with the administration and teacher(s) to plan and experiment with how to integrate the arts as a medium of instruction into a subject area such as math, science, language arts (Nepali, English, Newari), or social studies. Our facilitators sat with individual teachers and planned lessons together and later implemented them in classrooms as a team. We later evaluated the experience collectively as well.

Our work at the school prompted the school to take initiative to start an art room in one of the empty rooms in the school. The teachers who worked closely with us are also taking initiatives to include arts in their regular lessons.

This work was supported by Namita Dhakal Ballantyne and Small Hands Helping Nepal and is one of our attempts under our Art In School project.  The continuity of the project will be supported by the Tara Foundation/South Asia Institute Help Nepal.  We plan to follow up the first visit with three more visits at the school in the upcoming year.


Sharareh Bajracharya

Sunita Maharjan

Manantuna Rana Jyapoo