ArtWorks! Sangai Khelaun Gatlang – Srijanalaya

ArtWorks! Sangai Khelaun Gatlang

Date: 05th December 2015

Time: 10:00 AM

Location: Gatlang, Rasuwa, Nepal

Age Group: 2-15

Participants: 186

Project Details

Project Description

On 5 December, 2015, seven months after the April 25 and May 12 earthquakes, ArtWorks! Sangai Khelaun arrived at Gatlang, Rasuwa with a team of fifteen educators and artists—visual and language artists, dancers, and musicians.

The majority Tamang village of over 500 households where had been  gravely affected by the earthquake, and most people were living in tents in surrounding fields.  For three days, our team conducted art workshops for students of  ECD to Class 5 at Nepal Rastriya Secondary School’s Temporary Learning Centres.  The school had a little less than 300 children from ECD to Class 10.  Through the work with the teachers, students, guardians, and administration, our goal was to inspire the use of the arts as a meaningful child-centred pedagogy that could incorporate children’s multiple identities and bridge the gap between home and school.


Simultaneously, a team of artists explored the local art forms of Gatlang to see how we could incorporate art forms that are more familiar to the children and closer to their identities.

This was the first of two ArtWorks! trips planned to this majority Tamang community.

We saw this as a beginning of a longer term relationship.



Sunita Maharjan, Visual Artist and Art Educator

Sharareh Bajracharya, Art Educator

Merit Maharjan, Ethnomusicology Students and Musician

Sugam Deshar, Ethnomusicology Students and Musician

Agrim Lama, Ethnomusicologist and Musician

Niranjan Kunwar, Educator and Writer

Prathama Raghavan, Psychologist

Ichhya Thapa, Psychologist

Rumi Maharjan, Dancer

Sushma Maharjan, Coordinator of Srijanalaya

Nischal Neupane, Science educator and writer

Subima Shrestha, Performing Artist

Shailendra Chettri, Muralist

Dipti Sherchan, Anthropologist


The following modules were