Sanu Ra Andibheri (Sanu and the Big Storm) Performance – Srijanalaya

Sanu Ra Andibheri (Sanu and the Big Storm) Performance

Date: 02nd June 2018

Time: 01:00 PM

Age Group: All Ages

Participants: 100

Project Details

    On June 2nd, Srijanalaya and Nritya Aagan paired up with Shikshya Foundation Nepal and Daya Foundation to perform the children's book Sanu Ra Andibheri, by author and illustrator Bandana Tulachan, at the International Book Fair in Kathmandu.

    The story has been previously performed by Srijanalaya and Nritya Aagan at the Innovation in Education Fair (Pokhara, 2017), and Art Works! Sangai Khelaun (Sindhuli, 2018). Click on the links for more information about these projects.

    Srijanalaya's Sharareh Bajracharya narrated the story, while Nritya Aagan's Subima Shrestha performed a graceful dance. The story was accompanied by a team of talented musicians, including:


    Kobid Bazra: sarangi and vocals

    Kriti Nepali: vocals

    Shardool Shrestha: ukelele

    Prijol Nepali: dheeme/percussion

    Rumi Maharjan: recitation

    The story was performed twice, and both times, the space was jam-packed! Groups of children with a range of disabilities (from being blind, deaf, or both, or having down syndrome) sat at the front and had the opportunity to experience the performance through the visual dance, the auditory narration, and the accompanying music. This special combination of storytelling techniques is important for making arts performances accessible to all.

    For another look at the performance, see this blog post by Srijanalaya's intern, Helena Van Brande.

    To read more about or purchase Sanu Ra Andibheri (in English or Nepali), please visit our website store here to order.

    Thank you to all who made the performance possible, and make sure to check out our gallery for more photos!