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Sunita Maharjan

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Sunita Maharjan is a freelance visual artist from Nepal. Besides painting she has a passion in experimenting with different forms of art. In general, she is sensitive to forms created by and through lines, which become metaphors about her life. She graduated from Kathmandu University Center for Art and Design in 2009. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions and art projects.

Sunita Maharjan is an emerging artist and art educator who had the distinction of being the first young artist awarded a six-month residency by the Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Center (KCAC), in 2010. She has exhibited frequently in Nepal, including a solo exhibit in 2009, a two-person show in 2010 at KCAC, Group exhibits organized by UNHCR, World Wildlife Fund , 1st and 2nd Kathmandu International Arts Festival 2009,2012 and art organizations. Maharjan was also selected for the student exchange program in 2008 between Kathmandu University Center for Art and Design and Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. She holds a BFA in Painting from Kathmandu University Center for Art and Design. For her art is a visual presentation of the individual thoughts of life.

In her artworks, she express her experiences through visual forms and movement of lines. Although her art practice is in painting. She moves back and forth between three dimensional experimentation and two dimensional representations. She is interested in weaving and sewing lines and forms—the importance of a base, ideas of continuity, crossing, locking, and growing.  She play with contrasts between natural materials (straw/hay, cane, jute) and manmade materials (plastic, cloth, found objects).  These are concepts that extend into her artworks.

She is based in Kirtipur, Kathmandu.

Recently Sunita was featured in the Kathmandu Triennale, the largest international contemporary arts festival in Nepal. Read more about here.

A glimpse of her art and its process can be seen on this video.