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Subima Shrestha

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Subima Shrestha completed eight years of study in Kathak in Delhi, India. She began her studies under Honey Shrestha in Nepal and continued with Shikha Khare in Delhi, a disciple of Birju Maharaj. She earned two Bachelor’s degrees, one from Shree Bharatiya Kala Kendra, Delhi and the other from Bhatkande Snageet Vidhyapheet, Lucknow. She then completed a Master’s from the Shree Ram Bharatiya Kala Kendra in 2007. Subima is known for her rigor, footwork, grace and storytelling. In addition to her classes at the Nritya Aagan dance studio, she teachers kathak at the Salsa Dance Academy, and Sirjana College of Fine Arts. She also runs children’s workshops with Srijanalaya. Subima is a well-recognized choreographer of Nepal. She is open to collaborating with dancers of various genres, musicians and other artists.

Kathak is a dance form based in rhythmic footwork, movement, music, and storytelling. Kathak comes from the word ‘katha’ or story. It is a classical dance form that originated in northern India. In this dance form, the body becomes an instrument to tell a story. The bells wrapped around the ankles answer to each step and move. Through footwork one plays with rhythm and music. Hand movements, facial expression, and subtle shifts of weight bring out a balance between grace and sharpness.

Watch Subima’s interview here.

Subima’s work with Srijanalaya: 

Subima is Srijanalaya’s dance education specialist. She is one of the founders of the organization. She lends her expertise in dance and choreography in the countless workshops that we organize. Watch her choreography to an original musical piece entitled Gatlang.

Subima has run Kathak Dance and Creative Movement workshops all around Nepal. Watch her in Birgunj and at a government school in Kathmandu.