LMV Poetry Recital, grade 6 – Srijanalaya

LMV Poetry Recital, grade 6

Date: 13rd July 2018

Time: 09:00 AM

Location: Lalitpur Madhyamik Vidyalaya, Patan, Nepal

Age Group: 10-11

Project Details

    In a culmination of 5 weeks of poetry lessons, we set up a poetry recital to reveal the poetry of Lalitpur Madhyamik Vidyalaya's (LMV) 6th grade students.
    As a reminder, the poetry lessons can be found on our resources page

    Those who wished were allowed to come up to the front of the room to recite a poem of their choosing that they had written at some point during the past 5 weeks, and revised and edited in the last week, with the help of their poetry teacher and Srijanalaya's intern, Helena Van Brande.

    Before the end, LMV's vice principal gave the students a new assignment: to write an acrostic poem about Helena. The results were heartfelt and in some cases very creative. It was great to see the progress the students had made over the course of the workshops, and hopefully they will continue to be inspired and encouraged to write more!

    See here for a short video depicting some of the highlights of the students' readings, and here for a few of images of the day.

    A special thank you to all who were there and who made this possible!